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Cost Estimates for Ceramic Tile

You’ve been hiding your cracked, discolored, linoleum bathroom floor with a rug since you moved in to your home. You can use the coupon you just received in the mail from Bed Bath & Beyond to update the throw rug, or you can seriously consider replacing the linoleum with a beautiful, new ceramic tile floor. You know the cost of the rug, but how do you estimate the cost of ceramic tile?

Using a matching service is an efficient and convenient way to locate professionals in your area who can give you an estimate. Without leaving the comfort of your computer, you simply answer a few questions about your tile project, and three or four local professionals interested in performing the work will contact you. One of the questions you will be asked is how quickly you want the work performed. If you make the matching service aware that you are simply seeking estimates, the contractors will be fully aware that you are still in the “contemplation phase.”

Before you know, the contractors will begin calling. As you take a few minutes to talk with them, ask yourself: Are they personable? Do they project confidence and professionalism? Are they actually going to perform the work themselves, or are they going to sub-contract? Take a moment to browse their company websites, read customer reviews and see if other customers had a good experience.

Eventually, the contractors will offer to visit your home for a look at the project. They will measure the area, determine how to remove the existing floor and inspect the sub-floor. Have a list of questions, so you are able to interview each contractor in a similar manner. Make notes of their responses, so you can investigate any inconsistencies. Some contractors will arrive with tile samples while others will suggest that you visit a supplier. After you have made your title and grout selections, the contractors will have everything they need to submit their cost estimates.

Once they are presented, compare the various cost estimates to see where you are getting your best value. Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best! Make sure you go over each estimate line by line so you know you are comparing “apples to apples.”

Bottom line, once you contact a matching service and are visited by several tile installation professionals, the cost of replacing your floor with ceramic tile will no longer be hidden by a throw rug.
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Receive free tile cost estimates from local tile installers, tile contractors, and tile setters, and more...
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